Leading-edge Performance

More InfoBased on the Intel 915G and ICH6-R chipset, the SB81P delivers cutting-edge features and wicked-fast performance. Supporting new to market socket 775 Prescott processors, the 915G chipset will support a fast 800MHz FSB. In addition, this machine is equipped with a dual-channel DDR 400 memory controller and room for two RAM modules. Furthermore, integrated PCI Express x16 interface delivers twice the bandwidth of 8X AGP.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 (GMA900)
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Intel's new integrated graphics architecture raises the bar for integrated graphics. With PCI-E x1 improved bandwidth, GMA900 also features 333MHz graphics core and 32bpp True Color Support for sharper and more detailed images. In addition, DX8/DX9 support and enhanced 3D performance features such as software Vertex Shader and Shadow Mapping mean the GMA900 delivers great 2D performance and key 3D performance.

Southbridge Integration
The ICH6-R brings next generation I/O capabilities such as 4 Serial ATA headers with RAID striping and mirroring functionality. Further, integrated 8-channel audio delivers 100dB plus surround sound audio, while (8) USB 2.0 ports (FireWire® 400 from VT6207) provide great connectivity.

7.1-channMore Infoel Audio
Delivering significant improvements over previous generation integrated audio and sound cards. 7.1- channel audio is capable of delivering the support and sound quality for up to eight channels at 192 kHz/32- bit quality,while the AC‘97 specification can only support six channels at 48 kHz/20-bit. In addition, Intel HD Audio is architected to prevent the occasional glitches or pops that other audio solutions can have by providing dedicated system bandwidth for critical audio functions.



Silent X Technology

The XPC SB81P proudly wears the Silent X technology logo. The Silent X concept is embodied in a number of discreet Shuttle technologies, including; A Silent X PSU, Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE); and intelligently-engineered airflow mechanics.

Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE) Module
The Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE) included in the SB81P has been purpose designed for the P-chassis. The Integrated Cooling Engine uses convection cooling to transfer heat away from the processor and other critical system components. Copper tubing, coated in nickel and filled with distilled water provide the conduit through which heat the radiator, providing both processor cooling an passes to a radiator.

Improving on the standard ICE module that ships with all G-series XPCs, the P-series ICE module uses two fans in push-pull to more efficiently pass cool air over the ICE radiators fins. This makes it possible to deliver up to 50CFM. Further both fans are PWM spec — which means linear control of the fan speed — and controllable in BIOS.

Finally, those familiar with the XPC will notice that the ICE module has moved to the front of the case and the airflow has been redirected to exhaust on the left side of the machine. A Fan duct channels the intake airflow to ensure cool air is used to cool the CPU and a foam duct on the case makes sure the exhaust directly exits the case without warming other components.

350 Watt Power Supply
The SB81P takes a giant leap in the PSU department, delivering 100 Watts more than previous PSUs whilst maintaining whisper quiet operation. Tested in our acoustic lab from a distance of 50cm to create an environment similar to actual usage (many competitors take measurements at 1M), the PSU operates at just 27dB.

The XPC SB81P introduces a revolutionary new approach to airflow design. Separating the machine into 3 airflow zones:

  1. CPU
  2. HDD
  3. Case
    The P-chassis ensures that cool air is delivered to critical components.

The airflow in the P-chassis shows several different intake points designed to keep cool air continually flowing over critical components as opposed to recalculating warm stale air.

Finally, the underside of the P-chassis has more air intake points designed to keep the motherboard cool and stable. The underside edge is lined with intake points. Other intake points are also located on the underside of the machine to improve motherboard cooling.

Cooling Fans
The XPC SB81P contains a total of 5-cooling fans. These fans are located in airflow zones noted below:

  • Two 60mm fans cool the two hard drives located at the top of the machine. These fans feature 4-pin headers, are PWM spec and feature linear control via BIOS. These fans are designed to spin slowly at about 1,000 rpm, enough to cool the HDD but not be heard.
  • As mentioned earlier, two BIOS controlled fans in push-pull cool the CPU. Again these fans are PWM spec and designed to run at low speeds.
  • The final fan in the system is a 80mm fan located inside the PSU. This fan serves to cool the chassis, motherboard and PSU.


P Chassis

The XPC SB81P uses the new P chassis, a member of Shuttle's fifth generation XPC chassis. The P makes a number of improvements over the earlier G and G2 series chassis, including:

Stealthed Drive Doors
P's clean facia derives from its three engineered drive bay and port doors. The optical drive, floppy drive and front media ports can all be hidden from view when not in use — providing superior style and visual appeal.

Internal Design Innovations
Redesigning the internal structure, the P-chassis has room for 6-in-1 card reader, three 3.5-inch drives and one 5.25-inch drive. The internal rack fits one 3.5-inch and one 5.25-inch drive with the other bays located in the top portion of the chassis. The rack 3.5-inch bay can be used to install a FDD or a legacy HDD if desired, making the P-chassis incredible expandable and flexible.

Screwless Drive Installation
The Pièce de Résistance of the P are the drive mounting brackets found in the accessory kit. New to the XPC, these brackets make installing drives a breeze. Further, installation of a HDD in the rack mount requires no brackets whatsoever; just drop the HDD in the rack (four-pins in the bottom of the rack and compression clips hold the drive securely in place). Refer to the manual for instructions on using these mounting brackets.

Integrated Cable Management
Starting with the SN85G4 (production version), all new XPC's will ship with integrated cable management to ease installation. IDE cables will be pre-installed, and power leads will be wrapped and clipped to the chassis. The P goes one step further and integrates two serial ATA cables for the top HDDs.


XPC SB81P Specs
Processor Intel® Socket 775 Pentium® 4 / Celeron D®
Memory Dual-channel DDR 400/333
DIMM slots (2GB max) x 2
Motherboard FB81 (proprietary)
Intel® 915G + ICH6-R chipset
800/533 MHz FSB
32-bit PCI slot x 1
Graphics 16X PCI Express slot
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900
DVMT memory architecture
Audio 8-channel audio
Digital (SPDIF) audio ports
Analog audio ports
Network Gigabit LAN
Storage Serial ATA 150 headers x 4
FDD header
(1) IDE header
5.25” storage bay x 1
3.5” storage bays x 3
Front-panel I/O 6-in-1 card reader
USB 2.0 ports x 2
FireWire® 400 port
Microphone port
Headphone port
Power button
Reset button
Rear-panel I/O PS/2 Keyboard socket
PS/2 Mouse socket
USB 2.0 ports x 2
FireWire® 400 port
Gigabit LAN (RJ-45)
8-channel audio out
SPDIF I/O ports
Coaxial Audio port
Serial port
CMOS Reset button
Optional Parallel port
Silent X (system cooling) Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE)
Intelligently-engineered airflow mechanics
Power Supply Silent X 350W
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 320 x 210 x 220
Weight (net / gross; kg, lbs) 4.25 (9.35) / 6.05 (13.31)

Awards & Reviews

XPC SB81P: Choice of the new generation

SFFTech , a leading small form factor enthusiast website, has just posted a glowing review of Shuttle's latest benchmark XPC, the SB81P . Based on Intel®'s new-to-market 915G chipset and featuring Shuttle's fresh P chassis, “the SB81P is a strong performer with impressive thermodynamics and top of the line performance.”

“The P-style case chassis is loaded with fantastic features, and an impressive showing of cool and quiet performance,” said SFF reviewer Adam Traidman. “Featuring triple 3.5” drive bays, screwless drive installation, a completely re-designed cooling system, and the 350 Watt Silent X PSU, it's clear that many aspects of the SB81P are here to stay for future Shuttle SFF systems.”

At the heart of the SB81P rests Intel's new 915G + ICH6-R chipset. With support for Socket 775 CPUs, gigabit LAN, serial ATA with RAID, dual-channel DDR 400 memory and x16 PCI Express technology, the SB81P satisfies.

During testing, SFFTech loaded this machine with a Socket 775 Pentium®4 3.4GHz Extreme Edition to truly test the SB81P's cooling system and thermal design. The SB81P handled this CPU no hiccups, and left SFFTech in awe, “thoroughly impressed with the SB81P's environmental performance, producing consistently cooler and quieter operating conditions than expected.”

“At the end of the day, the SB81P is a strong performer with impressive thermodynamics, and top of the line performance,” reiterated Adam. “Shuttle's next generation XPC is just that, featuring a completely new design on almost every front.”