SJPBX6 Features.

SJPBX6 is not just a conventional IP-PBX it is built in with numerous features and an unmatched Customer relation Management System (CRM). The SJPBX6 not only routes calls but it monitors calls, Record calls of all or any extension you define, Receive faxes and do many other tasks which are unthinkable for others.

SJPBX6 is an advanced office system that has features which are beyond the reach of a conventional PBX.

SJPBX6 is an IP-PBX which makes its extensions portable any where in the world, using the internet. The number of extensions unlike the conventional PBX is unlimited.

The SJPBX comes with numerous features which can not be possibly described in a short letter. SJPBX6 offers the features of the most expansive PBXs made by AVAYA, ALCATEL & CISCO, but the cost of SJPBX is just a friction of that of the others.

A standard SJPBX costs only US$995.00 which Includes:-

-         Intel Pentium Computer

-         Loaded IPPBX software.

-         Loaded CRM  (Customer relation Manager) Software

-         10 GB Data Storage capacity

-         A high Quality Call recording Interface

-         Voicemail System that has again many features.

-         Complete Call Data Records

-         Complete Fax System Receives Faxes and sends by email

-         In a Nut Shell it provides a paperless office.

Please review the map showing the functions of SJPBX6